Sigh-Trying really hard not to be offended

I’m really trying to convince myself that Born Again Redneck’s recent vitriol against the religious right doesn’t apply to me. I’m not super religious, and I personally am more concerned with economic issues than social ones. But I consider myself to as “far right” as one can possibly be without being some kind of theo-anarchist. And then there’s this

“I’m not sure if pure secular/libertarian fiscal and defense conservatism can ever win over the youngsters; unfortunately they seem to want nanny state socialism. But I definitely know that they don’t want any preachy nosy-parker busy-body politicians telling them what they can and cannot do. If you haven’t realized that then a) you don’t have any adult children as I do or b) you’re living in some sort of moralistic Victorian cocoon.”

Sorry, Pat, but I am a youngster (18) and yes, I don’t want people telling me how to live, but that is not what social conservatism (real social conservatism) is about, and I really hope you understand that. It’s not about religion, either, as I have said before. My fundamental belief is that you can do whatever nasty stuff you want with whoever you want in your bedroom but 1. Its up to a child’s guardians where and when they are exposed to it, so it needs to be ensured that children are protected from this stuff until they are legally adults or their parents decide to teach them about it-whichever comes first 2. One’s “actions” have consequences-if a human life is unintentionally created as a result of a person’s carelessness, responsibility cannot be shirked by denying said human being its fundamental right to life 3. The traditional family unit is the basis for our entire civilization-redefining marriage has caused this unit to fall apart everywhere it has been done-maybe this because people are intolerant, I don’t know, and I try not to think about it, but I cannot, will not deny that the destruction of the family unit is a road I do not wish to travel down. 4. Our society’s moral and legal code are Judeo-Christian value based-we cannot deny this in the name of tolerating other value systems, as it opens the door to abhorant value systems which essential allow anything. There are other elements to my beliefs, but I’m losing my train of thought at this point.

Make no mistake, there are RINOs, and by letting them speak for all of us we risk surrendering to liberalism on every issue-we should respect them, and applaud the things they do which we agree with, but also remind everyone of where they go wrong. And, incidentally, Pat, you aren’t one. You may call me a blowhard if you wish-I might even be one. But I think we both know that neither of us wants to alienate the other-we share more common beliefs than differences (that’s why I linked you) and also more in common with one another than extremists on either end.

So starting with us, what’s say we each extend the hand of friendship to prevent our “factions” from splitting apart?


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2 responses to “Sigh-Trying really hard not to be offended

  1. Andrew, I’ve spent the last 5 years, since I started my blog, defending the religious right because I know that they are my best allies but the last election has shown me that they really are in denial about the demographic changes that have occurred.

    I admit I have applied a rather broad brush recently but that’s because it’s new territory for me. I’m thinking out loud and that’s entails making mistakes. My views will moderate as I start thinking about things quietly.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Thanks again for reading and commenting, Pat. Don’t worry, I’m more thick skinned about this than it seems. Broad brush if necessary, I think I can take the mild discomfort. 🙂