Decide for yourself…

Do the AGW models do a better job of postdicting Antartic temperature changes, or does the Svensmark hypothesis? Hm, one fits a few decades of data, then breaks down, and the other works for thousands of years (at least). We report, you decide. 😉


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  1. Verrry interesting. I’ve noticed before that Antarctica doesn’t cooperate with the rest of the globe very well, though I’ve never heard it articulated before. Still, before I buy into Svensmark, I want to see a change in low cloud cover beyond the 11-year cycle. Cycle 24 should be a good test for solar influence on GCR bombardment. The most likely weak cycle should lead to a weak IMF/ aa index, which should do something to low cloud cover. This long minimum and potential weak upcoming cycle(s) will be great testing conditions for climate. By the way, have you heard of/read the paper projecting the disappearence of solar sunspots by 2015? Rather frightening, if you ask me.