Cosmoclimatology videos! 1

There’s a documentary on youtube about the Cosmic Ray theory of climate change (which I have talk about, and which you can read about here) and I thought I would attempt to put it up here for your veiwing pleasure. Here goes nothing:

If that worked, you should be able to enjoy!

EDIT: evidently this will only work one at a time. I’ll post the parts separately later.



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2 responses to “Cosmoclimatology videos! 1

  1. Derek

    The correlation between the sun’s magnetic activity and global temperature is well known to most.
    But, correlation is not causation.

    However the Svensmark effect, (ie linking cosmic rays reaching earth and how the sun can effect this),
    does provide a possible cause.

    The IPCC response of it is irresponsible to suggest anything other than CO2 is changing the climate is a plain an admission of how unscientific an organisation it is, as you could wish for.

  2. timetochooseagain

    Hi Derek, I wasn’t aware that the IPCC had actually said that (although some no doubt have). The idea of the sun indirectly influencing climate is of course in convenient for those who like to believe that Mankind is responsible for everything “bad” in the system, and only through CO2 at that. I think, however, that if the experiments work out, naysayers will have to admit that this mechanism is very important.

    Thanks for your comment, feel free to stop by again anytime!