I Demand an Explanation!

A lot of people seem to be reacting sharply to the opposition of conservatives to McCain. They seem to think that since he is right on the “most important issue” then we should be happy with him. They claim that the only source of opposition to him really comes from his support of immigration “reform” bills with amnesty provisions (using the colloquial definition of amnesty here, not the legal one. Colloquially, small penalties still=amnesty). Not true. McCain has been wrong, is wrong, and will be wrong on almost everything. Let’s get the run down, shall we?

McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts, even though he now wants to make them permanent. He claims that he would have supported it with spending cuts, which I would be able to respect if it didn’t mean that McCain doesn’t know that Lower Taxes=Higher productivity=More taxable income=More revenue, not less. And that isn’t even what he said at the time! At the time, McCain spouted some ridiculous class-warfare rhetoric about the tax cuts benefiting the rich only-apparently not understanding that “raising a tide floats all boats” to quote JFK, or to put it simply, when the rich benefit, they have more money to spend employing people (arguments that this means taking benefits from these same employees are silly-apparently its much better to be dependant on the government than corporations! Frankly, I’d rather be a real man and keep my dignity, thank you.) All this is bad enough, but I would be fine if he wasn’t still, at least rhetorically, spouting socialist garbage. Romney is repeatedly characterized as the ultimate corporate devil snake worming his way into politics for “profit”. Never mind whether its true or not, or you like Romney or not, its frightening to here one Republican accuse another of being “greedy”. This man knows nothing about economics, and I shudder to think how he’d handle a recession! 

I’ve never posted on this before, but it is my belief that the traditionally family, as a social institution, is responsible for the stability of Western civilization. For whatever reason, and I don’t claim to know (to be honest, it disturbs me to think why) everywhere that the traditional definition of marriage (that is, the family as a legal institution, in a sense, or at least the foundation of it) is changed, no one forms traditional families anymore. Bluntly: Gay Marriage=No Marriage at all. The worst consequence of which is that many children are born out of wedlock. This has devastating social consequences. McCain has opposed the idea of a constitutional amendment dealing with this matter (and certainly no one thinks that the constitution says anything of the kind presently). He has never recanted, to my knowledge.

McCain almost single handedly destroyed political free speech in America. Need I say more?

McCain has drunken (and is quite drunk on) the Global Warming Kool-Aid.

McCain was dead wrong on immigration, and by the way, he really still is. He, like many pro-amnesty Republicans now claims that voters have clearly said “border security first (then amnesty)” Which is a load of crap. The voters clearly said “No F@$&ing Amnesty!”.

McCain aligned with Democrats to oppose Originalist judges. Despite is “pro-life” voting record (as constituency would have it) he is opposed to over turning Roe v Wade, which it must be said, is widely regarded as a stretch in its interpretation of the Constitution.

I’m sure there’s more. But I’ll save your brains the strain. Still think all this is out weighed by “The Surge”? All this is outweighed by “The most important issue”?

If that had been my “Most important issue” I probably would have been supporting Rudy. But my primary issue isn’t one issue, its all of them. It’s Conservatism. It’s principle. Now I long ago realized there is no such thing as a perfect candidate (and no such thing as a free lunch, either), but I might ask how much crap I have to put up with in a candidate. You might say that McCain is “infinitely better” than Hillary or Obama. I’m not so sure. If he screws up, who will they (the liberals and the media) blame? Not the Maverick Liberal RINO, oh no. They will blame the Old White Guy evil Neocon Republican “conservative”.  As far as “most electable” goes, I’m curious how that will work if long time reliable Republican voters like my Mother are already planning on staying home? But frankly, I’m not an actual member of the Republican Party, so I don’t necessarily care if they take the Presidency. I only have loyalty to my ideology. And if McCain gets the nomination, trophy wife benefits aside, I won’t be able to register as a member of the GOP. Yes, I know I’m a big fat liar for saying before I’d support the nominee. And I admit that I am, for once, betraying the advice of man who’s speech gave this blog its name. I know that Reagan said that you must support the party nominee no matter what, and I know that he ultimately supported Gerald Ford (and we know how that ended (yes, I also know how it ended when he supported Goldwater, too, the lesson of which is, don’t let Reagan support you for President unless your name is George Herbert Walker Bush)) But I just can’t stomach McCain.I’m glad I’m not voting this November. It’s shaping up to be the most depressing election since 1932. But I demand an explanation: why do so many otherwise reasonable people insist that we all eat crow and get behind the McCain train?

EDIT: incidentally, I ordinarily sympathize with Red Wolverine over at Copious Dissent when he and Devil’s Advocate disagree, but I obviously have to side with DA on this one.


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