US Data, again

Some of you might be interested to know, since the original analysis here:

Was based on RSS data, whether the corrections effect the conclusions. This comes on the dovetails of this analysis of updated US Temperature trends by Joe D’Aleo, of

read Anthony Watt’s summary here:

Any way, repeating my analysis, I’ll be using the UAH data from the lower forty eight, too, just to further any robustness of the result this time.

It turns out (lucky me) that the RSS error apparently didn’t effect the US. Whew. Interestingly, UAH data for the US doesn’t match, however:

So all my old info still holds, even if Lubos’s doesn’t. Note also that the satellite data may improve Joe’s correlations. Who knows? I looks like it to me!

EDIT: Junkscience has found the real cause of global warming:

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