Fred’s Out

Its sad, but I was to late to convince anyone. Again, I don’t endorse anyone, but Fred was my preferred candidate. I guess I can only hope that its Romney now. He’s still creeps me though.

So, hows about a Mitt/Fred ticket? I mean, it isn’t ideal, but its better than a McCain/Huckabee ticket. Also, Ann Coulter likes Romney, apparently, which may or may not be good, depending on your perspective. Ann has a habit of saing very politically incorrect things. Admirable, but probably also dangerous. But then, I laugh in the face of danger (Not really)!

Here’s a question: Is it better to be right than President? Was Henry Clay right about that or not? I don’t think its that simple, but personally, I’d rather be right than President. But maybe that really means I’ll “Never be either”.  But if Henry Clay was right, then it must be really great to be Fred.

Say, Fred, this Charlie guy is okay, but he’s kind of a sissy. Maybe you’d consider that Governor run down here? Maybe?

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