The Clean Air Act Caused Global Warming

I being entirely serious, and correct apparently. Allow me to explain. But first, some graphs:

That’s Temperature data from the Hadley Centre, in the UK. As you can see, from about 1945 t0 the late seventies, temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere fell even as atmospheric CO2 went up. This caused some worry at the time, and of course I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Global Cooling” scare by now. The official reason for this, according to climate scientists, is that particulate pollution released by industry (concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere) blocks out the sun somewhat, thereby lowering temperatures. So by regulating companies to stop them from emitting these things, we apparently successfully averted global cooling, only to cause global warming! So I’m not misunderstood, I am suggesting that this is actually all Environmentalist’s fault in the first place. Thank you.


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