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Well in case you haven’t heard, fur is eco-hip now and George Soros funded a bad Iraq study. Which is interesting sense he also gave money to James Hansen, NASA’s top alarmist. So yeah, dishonesty and political tampering with the facts. Incidentally, you might be curious to know that I have just checked out Michael Crichton’s State of Fear from my local library. Should be interesting.

On an unrelated note, Richard Dawkins (almost) gets it. As you may know, I’m a big fan of Dinesh, and not such a big fan of the Darwinian Fundamentalists (As Stephen Jay Gould said) who try to make evolution into their metaphysics. I have no problems with evolution as science. But I do have a problem with making it into a religious ideology to be worshiped as the central point of the whole Universe. Biology has nothing what so ever to do with religion, or physic, or metaphysics. Darwin was not the greatest scientist ever, that title might go to Newton, or Einstein, or perhaps Copernicus or Galileo. The conflict between religion and science is largely overblown and mostly exaggerated. Get over your self, and lose your stupid ideology of “we’re better than you” and this ridiculous intolerance of other views. It’s not like your being persecuted anymore.

Also, this is another illuminating piece.

By the way, if your waiting, Christmas book reviews are temporarily canceled. There was a kind of “Book Bomb” expected, but like the “Population Bomb” it didn’t happen.


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