Good News, I’m working on a new Klimacht Essay

As readers are doubtless aware, I don’t by into the Global Warming hype. Well, I earlier wrote an essay explaining some of my thoughts on the subject:

Well, I read a lot on the subject, and I’ve compiled even more “inconvenient facts” that don’t line up with the alarmist picture. I’m going to upload it soon. But the one idea that I kept coming back to. Anyone who believes Al Gore or “Human Caused Climate Change” has no sense of history. That is, it is obvious that they don’t seem to know about the way the climate has acted in the past. Wikipedia has a graphic which I “borrow” in my essay, and it is worth remembering that they are controlled when it comes to Global Warming by Cardinal William Connolley, an alarmist and British green, who was suspended for making for certain actions, and infamously wrote the “climate change denial” article over there. I’ve “vandalised” it a bit, to show the truth:

geological temperature history

Al Gore didn’t show you this for a reason. It gives the impression of large natural variability, and that current warming is not special. Maybe so many geologists are skeptics not becuase they are employed by big oil, but becuase they, unlike many of us, are familiar with the long and violent and warm history of this planet before we came around.

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