When is the Liberal media going to hold a serious Republican Debate?

Okay, I’ll admit that’s a rhetorical question. They aren’t going to do it. But have you noticed what a joke these things are? Democrats have no business asking Republican Primary candidates questions. The whole point of a primary is so that a party can find the candidate preferred by most of their party.

CNN, MSNBC, etc. Your just lucky the Republicans put up with this crap. Every debate these people hold, they ask stupid, pointless questions. The point isn’t to encourage discussion of issues important to Republicans. The point is to ask a question with a “correct” answer, then embarrass the “dumb” Republicans with how much smarter you are than those evil bible thumping Climate Change Deniers.

As John Stossel would say, Give me a break!

Here’s an idea: If you want to ask Republicans liberal questions, wait till the General Election!

And to Republicans: Stop putting up with this crap! If Democrats can snub Fox News, you can snub everyone else!

You know what, here’s some real questions:

Huckabee, are you going to raise taxes? Are you?

Romney, are you going to bring your stupid New Hampshire Health care to the rest of America?

Ron Paul, go run as a Libertarian.

McCain, do you really think Conservatives are going to trust you?

Also for McCain, and Romney, and others, how stupid do you have to be to believe, as you evidently do, that “Human Caused Climate Change” is a real issue? Wake up dumbasses!

Fred, if this president thing doesn’t work out, can you come here to Florida and run for Governor?

Second-tier candidates (you know who you are) do you still think you have a snowballs chance in hell?

Huckabee, why do you think the Mainstream Media loves you? Is it because you’re easy to beat, or because even if you won, they’d still get tax hikes?


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