So anyway, Christmas book reviews

I’ll be doing this every time I get a good book, but I really am looking forward to a lot of books this Christmas, so I’m planning to do a lot of reviews. Anyway, to start with, just to give you an idea, I’ll start with a book I just got recently, though obviously not for Christmas. I’ve been reading Dinesh D’Souza’s What’s so Great About Christianity. Well, so far, its great. Personally, I think that we both think along very similar lines. Incidentally, he has an article on Townhall, about George W. Bush, and I urge you to go read it. He makes an excellent point, which I think a lot of people have completely missed. Anyway, the book is great. I mean, I don’t think it is perfect, since I personally find that, in limiting himself to the level of thinking of an atheist, he is limited in the points he can make about theism, I sense he has forced himself down to their level, which is somewhat demeaning for someone of his intelligence. But one point I want to address, which I think Dinesh is himself aware of: The argument that Christianity built Western Civilization isn’t going to convince anyone that doesn’t like Christianity that Christianity is good. Why? Because the central goal of the secular progressives, to borrow a phrase from the culture warrior himself, want to destroy Western Civilization. And why not? From the liberal* perspective, the white males, especially the rich Anglo-Saxon Protestants, are responsible for a huge amount of suffering in world. From this perspective, its is easy to see why they hate all of these things so much. Frankly, most people would want the source of suffering eradicated, and there is even a strong, irrational temptation to destroy or ruin even the descendants of your oppressors. Want proof of this? Some day, you may be sued by a black family because your ancestors enslaved their ancestors. Notice that the people in the present aren’t even the sufferers! But “Someone has to pay”. Well, that “Someone” is virtually always the West. Why? Because it is perceived that the West got so successful by taking advantage of the rest of the world. This assumes, wrongly, that success is a zero sum game, but I digress. So, ultimately, Western civilization is the ultimate evil, the “Great Satan” of liberalism. Funny how it’s the same for Islamo-fascists! Well, except that, as Dinesh himself constantly reminds people, Islam is mostly angry at the debauchery of the Cultural Left, which, however unfortunately, Capitalism happens to be shoving down their throats. Well, if the Islamo-fascists could only see that the great thing about Capitalism is that your Free to Choose (which I also hope to get for Christmas) what is and is not shoved down your throat, they wouldn’t have a problem. But they, unlike those of us of the Western Right, they believe in ideological and societal purity. Although a lot of Leftists don’t believe me when I say so, I actually believe in pluralistic society, and they don’t. Because, the reality is that they want us all to have the same (left) views about everything, and forcing people not be racists, homophobes, etc. The Islamo-fascists, in the exact opposite sense, want us all to be racists and homophobes. It is the “evil” Conservatives that want the middle road, where people are free to hold the view that something is wrong/bad, but don’t have to. The left is pushing their culture on us, but we, rational people that we are, have largely tuned it out, not wanting to use th government to change it. The point is that Western civilization is under assault from all sides, who want to illiberalize our society, either in the name of “liberalism” or in the name of “Allah”. So, unfortunately, the left won’t even listen to the plea that Christianity built Western civilization. They don’t just want to throw the baby out with the bath water, they want to throw the whole tub out the window!

Anyway, Liberalism, Islamo-fascism, pick which one you would rather be destroyed by. I’ll just move to Hong Kong, the most economically free country in the World.

*Note that some atheists are not self described “leftists”, but their main goal in eliminating religion is to allow traditional morality to be destroyed. So technically, we are, strictly speaking, talking about the social left, including some “libertarians”


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