Um…Hello, is this thing on?

Hi there! I’m Andrew, author of this blog. I’ve been thinking of creating this for a long time, so, well, I have. I’ve set up this blog for the purpose of telling you what I think about certain important issues of our time, giving you the kind of insight generally absent from most discussions these days. I hope that, in doing so, I can provide people with the perspective they need to make informed choices. It is my belief that we are in a time when choices must be made, when we must decide between what is right and wrong, both morally and logically. I might not seem to be qualified to talk about things of this nature, being a random person on the internet, but I have spent a long time thinking about all these things, and I feel that given the ideas which I have, I must share them with the world, so that everyone can better understand my way of thinking.

Thank you for coming to Time to Choose Again, and I hope that you leave a bit wiser than you came every time you visit!


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